Hi!  It is so nice to meet you

My name is Babeth (pronounced Babette) and I am a journal writing, coffee drinking Stationery Addict.  

I have journaled on and off for most of my life, since I was a young teenager, but it has only been these last two years where I have been consistent with daily journaling.  It was at that time I "discovered" the Traveler's Notebook and Instagram.  It opened a whole new world for me.

"Write your own story as it needs to be written.  Write it honestly and tell it as best as you can.  I'm not sure that there are any other rules.  Not ones that matter."

                ~Neil Gaiman

Journaling now became something I craved. The tools made it something to look forward to.  It was an event to sit and journal now.  The ritual of taking out a beautiful leather notebook, picking up a beautiful pen, colouring my pages with beautiful washes of color. I know it is different for everyone, but for me the aesthetics of the whole scene not only encouraged me to write, it enticed me.  Coffee, music, the smell of leather, the colourful crinkly pages and the ink flowing from my pen.  Combined it became a place of relaxation where I could shake off the days stresses and gather my thoughts. I began adding pictures and ephemera.  Collections of memories.  A whole new world opened for me.  


Not only did I discover a passion for stationery I also discovered new found friends.  Friends with like minded interests and hobbies.  Some of those online friends from IG have become real life friends and I am blessed and thankful everyday to call them Friend.  The support and encouragement I receive from this online community has brought so much joy to my life.  And I hope I have given some of that inspiration back to the community.

It was through Instagram I learned of MonkeysFist Bookmarks.  I purchased some and loved them.  But I wanted them a little firmer, a ball or something in it to keep the shape, and a little larger.  The etsy shop I had purchased from at that time did not do either.  Then I discovered another lady who made what I was looking for but her shop was closed for maternity leave.  Not a patient woman, by any standards, I decided to make my own!  I made knots alright.  I won't even tell you how long it took me to successfully complete one!  It's embarrassing.  I sent some to a couple of friends and they posted on IG and before I knew it I was getting requests for people to buy them.  It was not my intent to end up with a shop of my own, but there you have it.  Somethings just happen and you have to go with the flow and see where it takes you.


I have enjoyed this journey, every single step. I will continue to live my life with joy and creativity and spread it whenever I can.  I call it Meraki (may-rah-kee)  It is a modern Greek Word which describes doing something with soul, creativity and love. It means doing something with passion and devotion, with enthusiasm and eagerness.  And, because of this, it is said that you leave a little bit of yourself in everything you make. So, live your life with Meraki.

"She drinks pints of coffee and writes little observations and ideas for stories with her best fountain pen on the linen-white pages of expensive notebooks.  Sometimes, when its going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love for the written word is really just a fetish for stationery."

             ~David Nicholls

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